The Best Laid Plans…

Last Updated on: 24th October 2014, 06:24 pm

Ya know, it’s great to plan ahead. But when it comes to robbing a convenience store, maybe calling to make sure there’s cash in the till before you drive down there isn’t such a good idea.

The scary thing is it worked in two previous robberies! How does that happen. Someone calls saying he’s coming to rob you and not to call the police. What can he possibly do to you if you already have police there to get him? Nothing! Call them! How is it possible to pull off something like that?

It’s also not a good idea to call a muffler shop and say you’re going to rob them, and when they say only the manager has access to the safe, leave your cell phone number with them and tell them to give you a call when he gets in. Oh you’ll get your call returned, but they’ll be ready for you when you get there.

Wow, stupid robbery stories never get old.

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