How Much Is That Doggy In The Window…Per Month?

Last Updated on: 9th October 2013, 05:06 pm

When I was a kid, and we whined about wanting a puppy, mom said if we really wanted a puppy, we had to be in it for the long hall. We had to realize that getting a dog is a commitment, and it wasn’t just a passing phase. Apparently, there’s a company wanting to make what mom said a thing of the past.

The company is called Flex Pets, and they’re offering to rent pets to people who don’t have the time or space for pets. Here’s something to consider. If they don’t have the time or space for pets, then maybe they shouldn’t rent one either.

They have ten dogs available to rent out, and they say they only take social dogs for the program. How long do you think the poor pooches will stay social when they’re passed around from person to person? I think what guide dog puppies go through, being raised by possibly multiple raisers, then trained by the trainers, then walked around by newbs as practice before we get them, must be incredibly hard on the dogs, but at least at the end of the process, they are paired with someone and that’s that. But this seems like a horrible thing to do to dogs just so someone can have some warm fuzzies for a while. If they want warm fuzzies, work at the kennels at the Humane Society. Then you’re getting to play with dogs and being useful. What a concept!

Ug there’s something about this idea that seems wrong. All I can think is, would the next step be a company renting out orphans to couples who don’t want the long-term commitment of having kids of their own?If the people who rent dogs really want a dog, why don’t they, uh, wait until they have the resources to give a dog a proper home and then take some responsibility and own one?

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