Knowing Where I’m At Isn’t Where It’s At

Last Updated on: 26th April 2017, 10:19 am

I’ve seen these commercials advertising this new GPS service offered by certain wireless providers where you and your friends will always know where each other is. All the people on the commercials sound like stoners or zombies. They just keep pushing buttons on their phones going, “I know where you’re at.”

“Oh yeah? Well I know where you’re at.”

Ok, how many of us have a conversation that’s like that?

This service sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’ve heard that you choose who knows where you are and when, but what if someone you add to your ok list turns out to be not ok? What if you block them and they go ballistic because they can’t know you’re exact whereabouts all the time? I can see people who turn into abusers really loving this service.

Or, what if your significant other who is on the same provider is you isn’t down with you knowing where they are all the time, so they don’t sign up? Are you going to get suspicious because they’re hiding something?

Whatever happened to calling your buddy and saying, “Hey dude, whatcha up to?” Can’t we stick to that? Do we need to voluntarily set ourselves up to be tracked like wildlife? Ug! We’re just too plugged in these days.

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