The Medical Care Was Worse Than The Snakebite!

Last Updated on: 25th April 2014, 10:32 am

Let’s think about this. A woman gets bitten in a religious snake-handling ritual. That’s perhaps ironic and worth a sarcastic chuckle, but if you’re a hospital staff member and she shows up for treatment, shouldn’t all chuckling stop and treatment start?

If the staff at the Marymount Medical Centre in London, Kentucky, truly did what the family of Linda Long says they did, i.e. giving her a fan when she asked for oxygen, making derogatory comments about her religion, asking way too many questions about way too many things, not putting in a breathing tube, which caused her to die, then the family should sue their asses off. Come on, people, let’s show some professionalism! Whatever happened to “do no harm?”

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