Worst Band Names Of 2007

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 03:54 pm

The part of The Onion that doesn’t make shit up has published a list of
the worst band names of the year,
but for some reason, Band.Zero isn’t on it.

The list by itself is great for a whole lot of laughs, but in order to up the awesome, it comes with site links for about 99% of them. I haven’t gone and listened to any yet but a few are calling my name, in particular Harmonica Lewinsky and The Dead Kenny Gs.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, might well be the most productive thing I do all day. Today is my birthday, and I think I’m going to give myself laziness, hamburgers and beer as a present. This time of year is always insanity for me what with the 3-sided family and hosting the annual [besides last year] New Year’s Eve party, so if there’s a moment for me to do nothing, you’d better believe I’m taking it.

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