Links Ahoy!

Last Updated on: 18th December 2018, 11:15 am

For a long time, we’ve been wanting to update the links section. It needed it! So, today, I decided it was time! Apparently, Blogger had other ideas. But despite Blogger trying to puke on itself and trash all the work I was doing, finally, at long last, the links bar has been overhalled. I added a guide dog section, a dog section, and Steve added a wrestling section. Some stuff has been moved from one section to another, so if you think a link is gone because it’s not where you expect it to be, just look around. It might be hiding somewhere else.

Enjoy the new links…if Blogger can stop browning out, that is. And, I know the new dog sections are small, so this is a call to all folks who are reading who have dogs. If you have an idea of a good site, fire it my way! I especially feel like I’m cheating other service dog handlers out of good resources just because I don’t know of their existence.

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