Stupid Commercials

Last Updated on: 9th July 2013, 04:17 pm

I had the radio on and I heard a commercial that stopped me in my tracks. It was a commercial for some charity called Operation Eyesight. Apparently this dude feels like he’s making a difference because he’s giving money every month to them and they help prevent eye diseases in developing countries, and if he gives so much a month, it’ll pay for one eye operation to help someone see again.

Ok, the first part is cool. If they can get rid of nasty things that cause disease, that’s cool. But I hope this guy knows that eye operations are far from having a perfect success rate. Ask a lot of blind people why they’re blind, and they’ll say it’s due to a failed eye operation. And that’s in developed countries. Imagine what this charity has to contend with in developing countries. I just hope this charity is honest, and tells him about all the ones that they operated on with the help of his money and the operation failed, along with all the ones they apparently healed.

And now I sound like an ungrateful bitch. I’m not saying I’m against the charity per se. I just don’t like all the misinformation I see. This is sorta along the same line as Steve’s post about The United Way. the commercial makes everybody think, oh give a little money and some problem will go away. The last line made me laugh. It said, “Am I making a difference? Well, ask 2-year-old Mahocknabock in Bangladesh. He can see again.” I pictured it if the guy knew the real story. “Am I making a difference? Well, ask 2-year-old Mahocknabock in Bangladesh. They tried to fix his eyes, and now instead of seeing blobs, he sees nothing because his retina disintegrated when they tried to fix it.”

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