Ug! People And Their Explosive Tempers…

Last Updated on: 17th October 2014, 05:19 pm

I don’t know whether to feel relieved, disgusted, or completely frustrated by this.

Leaders of the world’s Muslim nations have decided to sue countries where humourists live who choose to make fun of Islam. They say their proposed “legal tool” would be similar to the laws against claiming the holocaust didn’t happen.

Here’s the part where I’m relieved, and I get to be an asshole. At least they’re not dispatching terrorists, post haste. Oh no! Now Canada might get sued!

Here’s the disgusted part. How can they sit their and say anti-holocaust denial laws are the same as these proposed lawsuits? There’s a big difference between trying to claim something didn’t happen when there’s proof out the wazoo that it did, and screaming at people for making a joke. Newsflash, guys. You’re not the only ones being made fun of. You’re just one of the more recent subjects. And what makes you so special that we have to stifle our speech when talking about you? What makes you so fragile and in need of being handled with care? And if one person so much as tells me I don’t know what it’s like to be made fun of…oh you don’t wanna know. I think I have a right to tell some other people to grow a thick skin.

And here’s the frustrated part. I can’t believe they think a lawsuit is going to stop people from thinking what they think. I can’t believe they think their idea has a chance in hell of flying. Now that I’ve said that, it will.

If they’re so upset and want so-called bigots and blasphemers to know how it feels, why don’t they give them a taste of their own medicine? Make fun of them for a while. If it hurts the bigots’ feelings somehow, then they’ll have made their point without being tools about it. If it doesn’t, well…then I guess everybody else has made their point and it’s time for the fragile among us to get tougher.

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