The Babs Journal: Day 14 (May 22, 2005)

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Well not much else happened yesterday except I found another lump on her other side. I’m wondering if she’s biting herself. She licks a lot…who knows?

Upon reading that, I don’t know what ever happened to that second lump. I don’t remember her having lumps, plural, until after the first lump exploded when it was being removed and then spawning began. But I don’t remember what the other oddity turned out to be.

After almost falling asleep in the lounge again after talking to Sharon for a little while and having student Tim thank me profusely for letting him leave the centre, oh and talking to a friend and my parents on the phone, I took Babs out for her last free busy. Sniff sniff.

I slept in this morning…not long though, I was awakened by a groaning moaning licking playing dog. She must have been supremely confused because usually I put my shoes on and put her leash on her and we go. Well this morning I have to grab a bag, I put my coat on, I was kind of slow, I grabbed the food whistle so I’d have it, etc. I took her down, and put on these gynormo rubber boots that I could swim in to go out into the busy run. This is so if you step in doggy dung, you don’t end up tracking it all over the wild blue yonder. I put her in long leash when we got outside and said “busy busy.”

Amy was out in the other run so I don’t think she did anything. Maybe a pee. I don’t know. I stood out there for a while. Then I brought her back here which confused her as well, left and got her food and I sure had to go. Then I brought her food back and she was as good as gold. Then I took her out for another attempt at busy, don’t know, maybe she peed. I’m not good at this yet. It’s hard because on long leash I have a hard time reaching her back without cramping her space. You’re supposed to put your hand on her back so you can feel which way she’s got it pointing to know if it’s pee or poop. I don’t know if she did anything. She’s awfully quiet, which leads me to believe she did something. I wish someone was watching. Really really wish someone was.

I have to remember to take the rubbers off as soon as we step in the door, because I think I tracked something half way across the grooming room. Sorry buds.

After we did that, she tried to visit Anka. I still had my shoes in my hand and so couldn’t restrain her. She went straight for the lounge. Fulll speed.

Hey dumbnird. Put your shoes on before you start walking.

Anka doesn’t like the way Tim holds Willow’s leash to prevent her from chewing it. She says, “If I was your dog, I’d bite you.” Crazy funny woman.

Breakfast is at 8:30 this morning. Did I mention the game she played on her last free busy? Pop her head up, I try to put a leash on it, and then she pops it back down. Oh well , no matter, there are no more free busies now. And I mentioned the leash bone game right? I pick up the leash, she picks up her bone. Silly girl, bone is going to go in a drawer when she goes on the leash. She seems so calm…did she busy? I don’t think so..maybe pee. I took her out two more times, no poop that I can detect anyway. But apparently none of the dogs wanna poop yet. I guess they have to wait this long so the dogs will be ok with it.

Na, we could have done this before.

The grooming room stinks. I swear someone tracked in poop. Icky. Poopy boots.

I gave my sheets to Anka. She’s funny, making innuendos that student Tim and I are going out. He’s old enough to be my dad. hell he has a 17-year-old son for christ’s sake. I just want to give him a change of scenery like I’m getting. Try to do something nice and people get all childish.

Pleas don’t poop in the car, Babs or Willow. Please!

I dropped my pj’s in her water dish. Arg. Scared the crap out of me because I thought she pissed all over them. Doesn’t look like it though, even her food whistle got wet. Oops.

Ok so after repeatedly taking her out for a poop, she wouldn’t poop all morning. My parents show up and I go out to meet them. Then I get student Tim and then I bring Babs in. Everything goes well. We take her out and we all go for lunch. That goes well, but it is a bit exhausting. Just to think of everything and keep her from licking things, etc. Dad wanted to go into this candle shop full of narrow aisles and breakables. Just the thought of it made me want to fall over with exhaustion. Thank god mom sensed it, because I didn’t have enough courage to say no.

Welcome to guide dog life. At first, it’s one hell of a lot of work. I pity anyone who runs headlong into a denial of access issue when they’re newbs. That’s just too much to deal with.

And keep in mind that when we were out on this excursion, she only had the body piece of the harness on, no handle. So, there was no guide work she could do.

That was also dumb. WE either can leave the campus with the dog as a guide or we can only leave the campus without the dog. None of this in between bullshit.

Mom and dad took pictures of her. Yea. Then we brought our dogs back to see if they’d do anything. Well mine pooped, and I stepped in it! Yup! Planted the heel of my rubber right in it. Squish! I tell Anka and she cleans the boots. I didn’t feel anything! It happened so fast. But it appears my dog is the only one to poop thus far. But it had to be my dog’s poop because we ran into Heather the kennel lady who said there were some left over poops out there from last night that she was cleaning up, which meant there was none left to step in.

We go back out and go and get the thank you cards and the few little things I wanted, and mom bought me a book. Yea I have something else to read. We came back and took her out and…on turning around, planted my boot in more busy poop. Damn it! I don’t know if it was leftovers from the last busy, but yuck! It’s really hard to give your dog lots of praise for going busy when you’re gagging at poop on the heel of your rubber and cursing yourself for stepping in it. I managed to get a bunch of it off with the bag in my hand but there’s still some on there. I don’t have the heart to tell Anka again. Maybe the kennel people will see it. I’ll just use another pair and warn Sharon about the poop pair.

Or you could always clean it yourself, you lazy bum. Do you think you’re too good to touch poop? If you do, well, you’ve got a lot of learnin’ to do.

So poop and scoop day 1 ain’t going so well. Well in some ways it is cause my dog’s the only one that went crap. Everyone else is waiting for theirs to burst. I fed her and took her out and then flopped over, tired. She’s tired.

I went to supper and she was a royal devil, creeping around under the table. I wasn’t too hungry because mom and ddad stopped at Timmy Ho’s. Oh well. It was a hard goodbye when mom and dad left. The dog was sniffing like hell cause someone came to visit Sharon who had a guide dog. I guess everybody but Sharon went out for lunch. Poor Sharon, left to eat a sandwich.

What else happened? Oh Margery we notice is saying commands you only say in harness while the poor beast is on leash. Oh dear. Don’t know if we should tell instructor Tim so he can catch her at it. Maybe we should because he was very clear about not using those commands while the poor thing was on leash.

Oh yeah, this morning while I groomed Babs, she actually lay down. I tried that to relax her hoping she’d go poop. I guess we all tried that and no go.

That’s about it. My baby is flopped out. She’s snoring. I still have to make my bed, I still have to put everything away. I’ll have to do my laundry tomorrow because I’m too damn tired to do it tonight.

Ha ha ha ha ha I warned you that wasn’t a smart plan.

Mom and dad think I’ve lost wait. The walking’s making me all fit and stuff I guess. Did I write about the dogfood aisle? When we went to the grocery store to get a few things, we ended up in the dogfood aisle. Poor thing was going nuts. Licking her lips, sniffing, going looloo. We left the aisle pronto.

Am tired. napped for a while. Should pee and take dog for a pee. Ber it’s cold. Ber ber ber!

Fell asleep so didn’t get to make phone calls. Feel really bad about that. I promised at least one person I’d call them, and well damn it, I missed them.

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