>It’s A Legal Matter, Baby…Or Is It?

Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 01:58 pm

>Here’s a quick note to girls everywhere. Don’t date Lance R. Stelzer. If you do, and then things go bad, he may sue you. If that’s not bad enough, in the discovery phase, he may ask for things like:

  • “Each and every page of your ‘journal’ which mentions, references, or contains name Lance R. Stelzer.”
  • “Copies of all photographs … which portray you dressed (fully or partially) in red negligee.”
  • “The full name and current address of your mother, sister, and new boyfriend’s mother.”
  • and erotic photographs and emails.

Is that even legal? I hope to hell not. It sucks that she left him when he was sick, but this guy sounds like a huge stalker!

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