Rescue Remedy Update

Last Updated on: 14th November 2019, 09:23 am

Remember how I said I was going to buy Rescue Remedy? Well, I did. They had spray and drops. I almost bought the drops, but then they weren’t sure if I could tell how many drops I had in the dropper. Neither was I, so I wasn’t sure if I’d end up wasting more than I needed per squeeze. Maybe I should have got the drops. She does let me spray it in her mouth, which is pretty cool. They said to give two sprays each time I give it, so that’s what I do.

I already had an occasion to try it, and it sort of worked! She was still shaking and panting some, but she would at least listen to me, and she let me rub her belly, which was miles ahead of what she would do before. She wasn’t trying to seek shelter under things or magnetize herself to Steve. Maybe with a few more uses, it might get even better.

I’m still probably going to find some kind of fireworks/thunder storm sounds CD and see if I can try desensitizing her too, but this might do good things after all! Yea Rescue Remedy!

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