I Guess That’s A Choice

Last Updated on: 1st June 2016, 02:21 pm

Here’s something stupid I got from my Snopes newsletter. They’re usually good for a few things.

apparently there’s an email going around screaming about what will happen if the Freedom of Choice Act goes into law. Ok, whatever. Some of those claims are contentious, some our just outright scare tactics. but people can believe what they want. That’s not what was so stupid. What I find stupid is what this email is asking people to do. Is it asking people to write letters to their representative? no. is it asking them to call them? No. Is it asking them to sign a petition? No. It’s asking them to…fast for two days and pray for 9…and that will make the act go away.

If people want to pray, that’s fine. But it really bugs me when people use prayer instead of action when action is clearly possible. We’ve been through this before.

But maybe this is a good thing. if a bunch of people are busy praying who would otherwise be out causing trouble for doctors and patients, perhaps it’s for the best. And hey, when they’re done fasting, they might go for a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

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