Doggy Hodgepodge

Last Updated on: 28th September 2016, 02:26 pm

I was going to write a heap of small posts, but I decided to smush them together into one big post. So off we go into all things doggy.

There’s this goofy little kid who often sits outside on his patio/balcony/something or other near where Trix does her business who really wants to speak to her. Every day, the kid calls out to her. “Hello Doggy! Doggy! Hello Doggy!” After about 3 calls, his voice takes on the tone of “ahem, over here, look over here!” The poor kid. I think he feels slighted. I call back at him, but he doesn’t want to settle for a response from the dog’s lowly human. Sometimes I worry if he’s alone, and wonder where his parents are.

Trixie really really wants to swim. One day, when I had her out on flexi, she kept inching closer and closer and closer to see if there was a way she could get in the pool. I need to find somewhere that’s safe and clean and allows dogs to swim. I’d just have to make sure she had done her business before letting her in there. God that would be cool to catch on video.

There’s a rumour zipping about the apartment building that Teddy and his family have left. I don’t know if they got the boot or left of their own accord, but I haven’t heard the old familiar rooroo for a couple days, so maybe, just maybe, they’re gone.

Sometimes when Trixie sleeps and dream barks, it sounds really sad. It doesn’t sound like the usual woof or yip, it sounds more like she’s crying really hard. I’m sure it’s just the new dream bark, but it sounds like muffled human sobs to me. But maybe I’m the only one who hears that. Yep, that’s probably it.

Remember how I talked about how Trixie has a little voice that I can hear in my head? Well, yesterday, it was loud and far less pleasant, and I believe it said “Get up and feed me, bitch!” That’s what I heard anyway. I was sitting here playing Pacman, which I can beat by the way, and at 5:00 on the dot, Trixie got up from where she was sleeping, took a run at me, and wacked her nose into my knee super hard. What the? She’ll usually do that when she has to pee. This one was so insistant. It was as if to say, “I’m not even waiting 5 minutes. It’s 5:00. Get up now!” I had to giggle.

Yesterday I had my first almost denial of access ever. I walked into a coffee shop with a couple of friends. As I was following them to the line, I heard the girl behind the counter say something, but I wasn’t really paying attention because I thought she was talking to the person at the front of the line. But I started paying attention when I heard my friends go, “Uh, it’s a guide dog!” I guess the woman had said “Leave your dog outside!” But, before I had processed the words long enough to respond, my one friend had glared at her, the other had said “It’s a guide dog!” and a complete stranger was on his feet yelling “It’s a seeing eye dog for Christ’s sake!” Then the woman said something shocking. “Oh! I didn’t know!” Didn’t know? It only was wearing a fucking harness. But then she shut up and was fine. But that’s the closest thing I’ve had to a denial of access. I must be one lucky bum.

That’s about it. I’m sad to see these doggy posts getting smaller and smaller. But I guess, as we go, she’ll do fewer and fewer new things.

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