Job Posting Or Scam?

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:34 am

I’m trying to help out a friend, so thought I’d put this up on the blog to see if I could get any results.

Here’s the story. He received a job posting from an employment counselor, and sent his resume. Then he sent the email to me, to see if I was interested, I guess. When I red the email, the scam alert in my head was going off like gangbusters, and I told him so. Now he’s panicking, wondering if he just lined himself up for identity theft or other problems. I told him not to worry yet, I didn’t know this was a scam, it was just my gut feeling, but if the people he emailed start asking him for more money or more details, then put the brakes on. This is the email he received, exactly as it was sent.

We are currently looking for Corrections Officer. We currently need three corrections officer, someone who can edit our customer service messages and correct errors in our english customer service messages and working as our marketing agent 1hour daily.

This is an opportunity is open to anyone who know how to write english without errors and someone who can correct mistakes/errors in English Language and working as our marketing agent 1hour daily. You are required to work for one hour daily by checking your email for our customer service message and edit it because of correction and other english errors and stay in control of marketing deposit.

– Applicants must understand english language.
– Applicants must be high school or vocational high school graduates.
– Above 18 years old.
– Confident computer skills.
– Applicants must be avaliable to check his/her e-mail messages between 7am – 12noon.
– Good working relationship with new people.
– Required to be online at least 1hour daily and 2 days per week.

– Speedy career progress
– High earnings plus performance results bonus.
– A Sony Vaio Laptop.
– Weekly payment of $150.00.
– Monthly Salary : Starting from $20,000 – $55,000.00.

**** To apply please send your CV/Resume to our email:

Chris Brown
Abril Work Company

Uh, anyone else see about a zillion problems? For one, they certainly showed that they can’t write English worth a damn. They couldn’t even spell employing correctly, and the use of the word “corrections officer” for proofreader was a big indicator that the English was not so good. But it’s almost like they went too far to show how poor their English skills were. And excuse me for sounding ignorant, but how did a fellow who has such a poor grasp of english get such a decidedly English name like Chris Brown? I suppose it happens, but usually either the first or the last name has something about it that indicates the guy is from Brazil.

There’s so much about this email that screams scam to me. First of all, the numbers don’t add up. You’re supposed to be available 5 hours a day, but work one of them, but only twice a week, or something. The pay is really confusing, too. You’re supposed to get $150 aweek, but somehow, you’re going to make $20000-$55000 a month. How? It just seems like one of those situations where they’re hoping you’ll get all excited about all this money and talk of speedy career progress and take the bait.

Even more troubling to me is the offer of the laptop. I can see where this is going. First, they’ll need a shipping fee, then it will get held up at customs, then the recipient of the laptop will have to pay a bribe, another bribe, another fee, maybe they’ll have to come and get the laptop. Why would you need a laptop for this job anyway? You’re supposed to work from home, and since you must already have a computer at home because you’re responding to this email and seeing this as something you could do, why would you need the laptop?

Finally, there’s the vagueness of the name “Abril Work Company.” What exactly is that? I try to google them, and I don’t get a lot of stuff. When I go to their website, it either gives me a page not found message, shows a page in another language, or shows me a vague English page where it says they make magazines and yearbooks or something.

So, has anyone ever heard of this company? Is it a scam? I don’t see anything on google that can confirm or deny the whole scam thing. My friend asked the employment counselor if he had more info on this posting, and the counselor said he just sent it because he got it sent to him by another employee. I’m surprised an employment counselor would send out something like this without checking it out a little. It just looks so scammy!

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