Baby You Can Drive Me Nuts

Last Updated on: 13th December 2023, 03:57 pm

Only in Quebec could people find a reason to bitch about Paul McCartney playing a free concert.

According to some kind of twisted logic sensible only to people who see themselves as a nation rather than a province like the rest of us, McCartney’s concert is responsible for the “Canadianization” of the celebration of Quebec City’s 400th birthday. Never mind that the guy’s a legend and that the concert was booked by the celebration’s organizers, it’s still all his fault. And I guess it also doesn’t matter that he’s British and probably doesn’t care one way or another about whether or not Quebec is it’s own country.

But the real kicker is that the whiners are demanding that Gilles Vigneault be invited on stage to sing Gens du Pays, a song considered by some to be Quebec’s unofficial anthem.

Here’s an idea. Why not let Gilles Vigneault hold his own free concert at the same time and see who draws the bigger crowd? Then again, once McCartney wins we’ll have to sit through another round of baseless racism accusations when Gens du Pays doesn’t turn out to be as popular as they’d hoped, so maybe it’s not worth it.

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