On Your Mark, Get Set, Duh!

Last Updated on: 21st February 2014, 09:37 am

I love this description of China’s
plan to cut traffic during the Olympics.

For the next two months, half of the Chinese capital’s 3.3 million cars will be removed from the streets on alternate days.

The flow of cars was lighter than usual as motorists followed the rules on the first day of efforts to clear smog-choked skies for the Games, which begin Aug. 8.

Cars with licence plates ending in an even number took to Beijing’s roads as the plan took effect. On Monday, even-numbered cars will be banned.

So basically the Chinese are going to solve gridlock and polution in the same way that the western world figures out a lawn watering schedule. And then it gets better, because all the time it takes for cars to sit idling at checkpoints waiting to be inspected will have to contribute to an increase in both I’d think.

These Olympics have disaster written all over them, but anybody who isn’t a member of the IOC already knew that.

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