The Power Of The Internet: A Blessing And A Curse

Last Updated on: 8th December 2016, 11:20 am

Here’s another one for the be careful what you email, you just might get your ass bitten files. This one’s weird, because it actually did pay off for him, sort of, but it had its share of disadvantages.

I guess there was an accountant by the name of Bruce D. Riddle who did a bunch of campaign work for Joe Biden, and hadn’t been paid yet. He got mad, and sent a scathing email about it to his family…who sent it to some more people…who were fans of forwarding. And off it went into the wild internet yonder. Weee!

Suddenly, Mr. Riddle was left saying this:

I sent a private e-mail to 6 family members some time ago about Joe Biden not paying his bills for services rendered. The e-mail was private and contained my contact information. One of those family members sent it to two other people. One of those other people stupidly sent it to the world with my contact information included.

I have been bombarded with phone calls and e-mails to the point of not being able to work or lead a normal life. Since the e-mail was sent out the bills have been paid in full. This matter is closed.

I would appreciate you helping me share this with the world so it will die a natural death.

Ha ha ha ha ha. If you didn’t want it sent through the web, why did you make it like a letter? To me, that email didn’t look like a private email that you would send to mom and pop. It looked like something ready to be mass-distributed, especially since it made comments about people needing to be aware of the dark side of someone asking for their vote and trust.

I know stuff can be altered once it starts going around the net, but he doesn’t seem to be saying that that letter has significantly changed from the original one. Apparently, the only part he didn’t want happening was having his contact info included in the email.

But, on the upside, Biden paide up, so I guess he got what he wanted.

I guess my final thought is if you write something so good that it’s perfect for forwarding, it just might fly, so be careful. Not everybody asks permission first before doing the old fw: fwd: fw: thing.

It’s a good thing Snopes found this guy, because if he didn’t say what he said to them, Biden might have been able to sue him for libel since the thing is probably not done its circuit around the internet. Then he might end up owing Joe Biden money.

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