So Close…but So Far!

Last Updated on: 17th April 2014, 11:49 am

How does a guy sit in the ER for 34 hours and die without being seen? Better still, how does a double amputee in a wheelchair not get noticed? How can the ER be so busy that when a guy asks a nurse to check on Brian Sinclair, the guy sitting in his wheelchair who hasn’t moved in hours, she responds by saying they’re too busy? Even better, if this guy was a regular at the ER, how could he be overlooked? It’s weird that he didn’t make it to triage, but if he’s there all the time, they know he likely has problems. couldn’t someone have gotten him some help?

Every time I think about this story, it makes me sad. I can’t imagine making it to the hospital and dying anyway. Even if they can’t explain this away, I hope they can put some sort of preventative measures in place to keep this from happening again. then another part of me says those preventative measures should have been already present, i.e. human eyes, ears, and common sense.

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