It’s Hallowee’ee’een

Last Updated on: 16th March 2023, 10:20 pm

To lead off – may I suggest you all acquire the song Halloween by AFI? It’s kinda old and really short – but I guaruntee you’ll be humming it until Easter.

So my interest in Halloween tends to come and go. And not like most people where it comes around every October as it should. it’s more of an every couple of years kind of thing. The last time I got in to Halloween was during my final year of college and me and buddy went as Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble. They’re not horribly creative costumes but they were pretty authentic and well done and we had a great time. Last year, for whatever reason, I just never got in to it. There were a few parties available but I just didn’t feel like making the ffort of finding a decent costume. I tend to try and lean more on the funny or clever than the traditional scarey and I guess I just wasn’t that funny last year. Many would say I never was/am.

This year there’s a couple good parties I’d like to attend, and one I think I’ve settled on. The problem is, I once again can not come up with a good costume. If anyone has any ideas – feel free to comment and throw them at me. I’m all ears.

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