Happy Birthday To Me, Part Two

Gill recently talked about some of the garbage birthdays she’s had. She’s now sent in a bit about a few of her better ones to balance things out. I’m glad they didn’t all suck.

I wrote a few days ago of my worst birthdays, but let’s hop the bus to the positive side of town.

  • Ghostly Fun – It is 1984, and kindergartner me has invited eight girls from my class for a Spooktacular.  At this time I am all about Casper The Friendly Ghost, and begged my mom to make me a costume to emulate my obsession.  My little friends all started arriving, and my mom got my sister ready.  I was the only one who didn’t dress like a witch that year.  Born individual.
  • Clowning around – 1988 saw me in 4th grade.  I was attending the blind school, and had had my birthday with family and hometown friends over the weekend.  As we were coming back from somewhere that escapes me at this juncture someone walked along side me dressed in a clown costume.  She and I struck up a conversation during which she eluded to the subject of what she was doing at my school.  We got to the classroom, and Mrs. White had us gather around this table often used for reading assignments, snacks, or out of desk lessons. The clown proceeded to ask us what were the essential foods for a birthday party. We all agreed to hotdogs, pizza, cake, ice cream, and chips.  Soon we were all treated to slices of chocolate cake. Not boarding school cake, but the kind prepared at a store on special order.
  • Someone Important – 2006 saw me living on my own, well with a roommate, but you get the picture.  The night before my 27th birthday I decided to give my parents a call.

    Me: “what’s going on this week?”
    Dad: “tomorrow we have to make an important trip around lunchtime.”
    Me: “cool.  It’s a beautiful night tonight, do you remember what it was like in 1979?”
    Dad: “colder than hell.”
    Mom: “Well I was grading assignments. I was a 5th grade teacher then.”

    The next morning around eleven-thirty my doorbell rang, and it was my folks.

  • Bonus- A different kind of celebration – This year, due to world events, my family and I had Thanksgiving dinner leftovers for an early birthday party for me.  A few days later I was looking in my fridge for something when I happened to find a carton I didn’t recognize. I asked my helper what it was, and she told me it was squash soup.  I was already smiling, but this pushed my smile from an 8 to well off the charts.


Have you had a birthday that was memorable for all the right reasons?

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  1. I think the craziest birthday I can remember was when I turned 7. I was turning 7 on the 7th, so I thought it should be a big party. Whenever my sister or brother had a birthday party, it sounded like the place was full of kids, so I thought it was…so I invited a lot of my class. I think my mom wanted to scream because the place was full of kids. I don’t know how many rounds of hot dogs and pizza my folks had to round up. And there were a few older kids there because they used to help me out…and they chased my brother around the whole time. Oops.

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