So Who Won The Table For 2?

Last Updated on: 27th January 2016, 10:47 am

Cyber Sunday is in the books and it’s time to see how Matt and I did on ourpicks.I haven’t had a chance to see the show yet and I’m kind of short on time right now so there won’t be any sort of detailed rundown, but here are the quick results.

Batista beat Chris Jericho to win the world title. Matt and I both got that one wrong, as did a lot of people I’m sure. I don’t understand the decision to put the belt on Dave given the way Jericho has been booked. I’m not sure where the paranoid guy storyline goes from here. My guess is they either drop it or they start building Jericho towards a match with Stone Cold, who as I suspected, easily won the vote.

Triple H retained the WWE title with a victory over Jeff Hardy, so Matt and I are both back on track…for now. Check out these voting scores. The Triple Threat match got 38% of the votes, a singles match between Trips and hardy got 57% and Kozlov vs. HHH took a monstrous 5%. Doesn’t look good for at least one future buyrate.

Matt Hardy defeated Evan Bourne to keep the ECW title. Mark Henry got 1% more votes than Vladimir Kozlov. Bourne won with 69%. Matt and I have picked 2 in a row at this point. We also picked the same one wrong.

Santino lost to the Honky Donkey man by disqualification. Matt and I both said he’d win, so we were wrong. He does keep the IC title though. From the sounds of it this was a beyond pointless segment which is surprising and sad given the people involved. If you’re keeping score,Matt and I are both 2-2 at this point.

Miz and Morrison beat Cryme Tyme. the votes were fairly close between this and the tag title match. Matt and I both picked Cryme Tyme, so it’s 2-3 for each of us. Aren’t people supposed to disagree in these roundtables?

Rey Mysterio beat Kane. It wound up being a No Holds Barred match. Why I have no idea, since you’d think Falls Count Anywhere would favour the small babyface. Matt and I are each back to even, 3-3.

Oh my God, Matt is beating me! He goes out in front on the strength of the Undertaker beating Big Show in a Last Man Standing match. He is now 4-3 while I’m 3-4.

We’ll skip over the costume contest since neither of us tried to predict it seriously. For hostorical purposes, Mickie James won. She was dressed in a Tomb Raider outfit according to the results I’m working from. if that’s incorrect, blame Dave Meltzer.

I won’t count the United States Title match as part of the official contest for 2 reasons:
1. Matt didn’t get to submit a pick
2. I got it wrong anyway.

Shelton Benjamin beat R-Truth to retain. I called the vote,but got the result backwards.

Sounds over all like a fairly useless show. I’ll likely watch it next week when I’m back home, but it sounds pretty missable.

Congrats to Matt for narrowly beating me. Enjoy it friend, it’ll be the last time.

I’ll talk to you all later. In the meantime…um…I just totally blanked out on what I was going to say. I hate when I do that. Oh well, I’ll be back later. In the meantime, enjoy Carin and Matt. Yeah, that’ll do, they’re both quite enjoyable.

See ya.

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