For The Sake Of Finishing The Story

When last we talked wrestling, I made a Money In The Bank prediction.

I’m calling it now. Cena is going to be the first person to ever cash in his shot and fail.

It dawned on me just now that I never did post to let you all know how that turned out.

So how did it turn out? Well, I was right! Cena did not win the title from Punk. But unlike what I would have probably done to keep Punk strong going into what looks like his match with the Rock at the Royal Rumble, Punk didn’t really beat Cena either. It was a no contest full of interference that ended with Punk not saving Cena from the Big show and then laying out Rock and walking away. Turning Punk heelish is an interesting idea if you want to prepare for the possibility of people booing him against Rock, but on the other hand, Punk isn’t Cena. People actually like Punk. It would be interesting if Punk was maybe a babyface to everybody but Rock. The reactions could be fun, and maybe it’s something you could use to fully turn Punk once the Rock feud ends. He’d have a built in excuse that made sense (you people turned on me just because you liked the other guy better), unlike whatever’s going on now.

but enough about modern times.

Just for fun, have something from 1990 that I hadn’t seen until this week.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have cable until I was like 15 years old, and a lot of what we were able to get on tv was WWF. Thankfully I had a lot of friends with cable and dishes that I could get tapes from, but it meant that my ability to watch certain things could be pretty spotty. But now that there’s an internet I can catch up on all the things I missed, like this really fun Midnight Express vs. The Southern Boys match. I’d kill for more stuff like this on WWE’s pay-per-views today.

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