>We’ve Got Ourselves A Winning Streak

>Leafs 5, Wings 1.

I can’t comment much on how the game was since for the second time in less than a week I was dropped by a headache and ended up sleeping through most of it. I think it’s a sports hating headache because last time this happened it took me out for most of the final game of the World Series. I won’t complain too much about that one since it’s not like I needed to see it anyway (FUCKING YANKEES!!), but it would have been nice to see the Red Wings get pounded because that’s always enjoyable, not to mention Phil Kessel’s first goal as a Leaf because how many of those is he ever going to have? I saw the highlight, but it’s not the same.

Next up for Toronto is the Minnesota Wild. They’re not exactly lighting the world on fire so there’s a pretty solid chance that with the Leafs playing like a team that’s trying to win that the streak could hit 3. Surely the playoffs can’t be far behind?

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