Maybe Cadie?

Last Updated on: 29th October 2018, 12:20 pm

I’m so confused. Maybe I’m a bear of very little brain just like Winnie the Pooh after all.

Ok, where do I begin? Well, I guess where I stumbled across this. When I was reading my Top Tech Tidbits, I came across a site called Access On Main Street. It’s basically a giant pile of mainstream apps/gadgets/anything and everything in between that either by accident or design, is accessible to someone with a disability.

One of the things they mentioned was Cadie, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed Intelligence Entity. Yeah, I prefer Cadie. Anyway, they said that this Cadie thing could be put in an app that could search your brain and tell you as you approached someone if you actually knew them and then tell you what you knew, and they said it would help folks with Alzheimer’s disease. They said this video would make that point abundantly clear. Except… it doesn’t for me.

There is no audio except for that groovy Nintendo-like song.

So, three questions. what happens in the video? I wanna know.

Second, how does it exactly search your brain?

And, um..uh…erm…if your brain has become flawed due to alzheimer’s, how is this thing going to be helpful? I would assume it’s only as good as the source material, and if that material has degraded, how could it be able to make any more sense of it than the person?

Hello Transcendent Man, How’s it goin’?

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