Your Kid, Is In The, Car!

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2018, 03:04 pm

Wow. After all this talk about kids getting left in hot cars, there are actually devices designed to warn you you’re leaving your kid behind. I love it. The parent is essentially on a leash. If they don’t take little Johnny with them, it knows this by a weight senser under a car seat or a harness clip in the seat, and they get 10 feet from the car, the key fob starts beeping, and grows more insistent the further they get from the car. Or, there’s always the heartbeat sensor built into the Volvo s80 that could start screaming that there’s someone in the car. It was marketed as something to let women know if someone was hiding in their backseat, but hey, it might work for this too.

All this integrating stuff into people’s key fobs brings me to a scary thought, though. How come these people always forget their kids, but never seem to lock their keys in their car at the same time?

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