I Am A Rock, I am Naked

Last Updated on: 12th February 2018, 09:50 am

Oh boy. Here’s another example of a game that you shouldn’t play because you’re involving more than yourselves.

Joshua Sizemore and Amanda Madison are in jail for playing a stripping game. But why would that put them in jail? Because they were throwing baseball-sized rocks at cars from above. Rocks? Stripping? How does this work? Well, for every left headlight they managed to bust, Amanda had to take a piece of clothing off. For every right headlight, Joshua had to take something off. Apparently they had good luck hitting left headlights. Amanda was in her underwear.

Idiots! Just a bunch of idiots! Next time you want to play a stripping game, try strip poker or something where you don’t try to hurt others as part of the game.

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