The Count Is No Balls, Several Strikes

Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:00 pm

For a while I couldn’t decide whetehr or not I wanted to post this, but I’ve come to the realization that I have to because it’s so weird and because we might not ever see something like it again.

Thisis Jose Canseco yes,that Jose Canseco taking on Hong Man Choi in an MMA contest. Yes, for real. The match took place in Japan earlier this week. Why Japan? Well, 2 reasons. One is that promoters there are willing to pay ridiculous money for things like this even if they have no chance of making that money back, and the second being that something like this would never be ok’d in the States where there are things like athletic commitions, weight classes and drug testing.

Considering what he was up against, old Jose didn’t do too bad. He had the right idea, trying to make a move and then circle out of range, exactly what I would do if I were facing somebody over 7 feet tall and pushing about 330 pounds. had his knee not gone out I doubt he would have been able to win, but he definitely would have lasted a bit longer than the 1 minute and change he managed. A minute and change is much longer than I gave him when I first heard that he was doing a fight and who it was against. Choi isn’t exactly lighting the MMA world on fire, but Jose Canseco’s only fighting experience to my knowledge has come from a celebrity boxing match he once had with Danny Bonaduce and probably the odd bench clearing brawl on the ball field.

Note to JAWS users: To get the video to play, press the spacebar on the first unlabeled button you see in the Flash movie.

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