Google Maps Just Got Cooler

Last Updated on: 2nd October 2014, 09:26 am

I just discovered the coolest thing! I had no idea, but google Maps has a feature where you can figure out how to get from point a. to point b. via public transit! How awesome! I don’t know how long this feature has been in existence, but I’m abig fan.

I would always recommend trying out how well Google fairs with your city’s bus system by asking it to find some places by public transit that you already know how to find before letting it tell you where an unfamiliar place is, and if the place is in a really weird spot, consult your own transit service’s website, but from what I tried, it seems pretty cool. It will even tell you how often certain routes run and what the stop ID’s are. It even found the stop you would use for finding Steve’s old place, and noone knows where that damn stop is.

So, if you want directions from one place to another by public transit, go to Google Directions, and choose public transit from the box. Your other choices are car and walking. I think the walking directions kind of suck because they still talk to you as if you’re driving a car. For example, how does one “bear left” on a sidewalk. Hellooo! And they never give you cross streets, but I guess that is only a relevant detail for us blinks because the rest of the world can read a street sign. The only difference I’ve seen between the walking and car directions is they lengthen the time it takes to get from one place to another, and I still think the person would have to be a pretty fast walker to make those times. But this whole bus thing is super cool! If you’ve never used it before, try it out!

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