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Last Updated on: 28th April 2014, 09:22 am

Ok. Must take another break from labeling. I have everything labeled up to December of 08. Only 7 months to go. Go me!

God, I turn into such a labeling zombie. I get so used to typing “news, that was dumb” that things that don’t deserve that tag almost get it and then I have to stop myself and put the right tags on. Or, I hear the example tags and go “do we have a scooters tag?” Time to stop before you ruin the site, goofball. So here’s some random stuff I have been thinking about.

Remember a while back when I was railing against Greyhound’s schedule and asking for a carpool? It appears that for 4 out of the 5 days, I have one, and they’ll even drive me both ways! I was only going to ask for a morning drive, but both ways will shave some serious travel time off my day. So I’ll only have to suffer through the grey dog one day. wooo! Happy endings rock!

Trixie briefly mentioned that Chuck from the guide dog school came, but I decided to talk more about it. I was happy to hear him say over and over that we looked awesome as a team and she looked like she was in great shape. He laughed when I teased him and said he had to be part cyborg to remember all our shite so well. Even cooler, he helped me figure out why in hell I have trouble crossing this one street. Go chuck. I love ya.

I’ve been going to a lot of coffee shops lately with the French group, and I’m noticing something that bugs the hell out of me. why is it that whenever I go to a coffee shop or an ice cream place, nobody wants to read squat to me. They’ll say “What do you want? they have all kinds of stuff.” Well, can ya name a few things? Sometimes I need an idea or two. It kills me because people can just look around and say “ooo! That looks nice.” I can’t do that. I’ll only know the things that people choose to read to me. I had one guy in a Baskin and robins say “You want me to read all 31 flavours?” Well, I would have made it easy on you, but with that snotty attitude, read ’em all.

It just kills me because those are the places that always change their selection. Even if I managed to memorize everything once, which would be pretty hard to do, there’s no guarantee that something I want would be there the next time.

I never get that at a restaurant, just at the coffee or ice cream places. And I don’t just get it from the one behind the counter. Sometimes it’s whoever’s with me that will do it too! Raaarg!

I’ve noticed something funny about Trixie when we’re playing. If the phone rings, she’ll stop. It’s like she knows I’m probably going to want to answer that, and then won’t be able to pay attention. It’s hilarious. I can almost hear her doggy voice saying “Wanna get the phone?”

and I’ve noticed the little voice I hear in my head that says what I think she’s thinking has gotten deeper. Yup, I have way too much of an imagination.

And that’s about it for now. Maybe I should label some more stuff. I’m a fiend.

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