Oh No, It’s Uno

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2014, 03:37 pm

A few days ago, Jen asked me to try out the Spoonbill games, blind gamers series. There are 14 games in all, and they’re all puzzle-oriented and free. I’ve tried a few, I haven’t really gotten into chess or Sudoku, but who knows, maybe I will. The one Steve and I have really gotten into is Blind Gamers Uno! Good god that game is addictive. We will seriously sit there and watch each other play for way too long. What? A couple hours have gone by? Oops.

We’re so screwed now, because each of us have Uno. So, we could each be watching, or playing, or watching each other. Oh no, Uno’s got us!

Oh look, there goes Steve to try and beat the game. He was soundly thrashed last game, and it looks like he’s trying to win. Who knew a simple card game could be so addictive?

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