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Last Updated on: 22nd October 2018, 01:13 pm

This is probably going to be the most boring post ever. I hope it helps someone.

Last year, I came home early for Christmas. I had hardly any of my family’s gifts bought, and frankly didn’t have a flaming clue what to get anyone. Mom mentioned to me that she had every book in the Looneyspoons series except Looneyspoons itself. If anyone’s wondering what the hell Looneyspoons is, it’s a cook book done by a couple of Canadian ladies, and all the recipes are supposed to be low in fat and approved to be good for your heart. After Looneyspoons took off, they wrote two more books. I saw something about it on one of those shows where people who form a huge business out of nothing are featured as an inspiration.

So anyway, ding ding ding, all the bells rang in my head. I would get that for mom for Christmas. I wrote down all the book stores’ phone numbers in Ottawa and called them, quickly finding out that Looneyspoons was out of print! ah crap! Foiled again! Steve looked online, and Amazon’s marketplace had it, if ya wanted to shell out insane amounts of dough. What an extortion atempt that was. But I decided that if I couldn’t get it for that Christmas, I would damn well find it for the next one.

So, October rolled around, and I started the hunt. I called both used book stores in town, and they said they didn’t have it, they get it from time to time, but not right now. One of them mentioned I could try going to Value Village, which made me think about calling another thrift store who might have it. He didn’t, but he led me to paydirt!

He told me to go check out AbeBooks, a huge network of used book stores. He thought they might have it, and for a reasonable price, and they did! Hell, they had 17 copies! They even had a description of each copy of the book, and if it doesn’t match the description, I can send it back within 30 days. this is important, since I’m buying a used book. I don’t know what it is, I don’t worry about buying used CD’s, but used books can have writing all over them, maybe the cover’s coming apart, pages could be missing, I just don’t know.

I found a copy for about 10 bucks. The shipping was 6 bucks, which kinda sucked, but $16 for an out of print item isn’t too bad. I got a very personal processing request and a message saying that the bookseller hoped the book was everything I wanted, and to email him if I had any problems. Woohoo, mom is going to get her Looneyspoons!

So, if you’re looking for a book that’s out of print, you may not be out of luck. give Abebooks a try. I doubt they’d have any audio stuff, but they seem to have a lot of print.

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