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Last Updated on: 19th January 2016, 10:52 am

Guess what! We’re back with more singing computers! Believe it or not, I have found more.

Actually, I found the original repository that started this whole stroll down memory lane. It’s here, but the server is slooooow. So I put the poor server to work until I had all the ones I wanted. You can look through the rest if you want, or hell, you can buy a CD of ’em. Maybe if enough people buy CD’s, he can afford some server space.

So let’s go. The beach boys are back with 409. How the hell did I forget that one?

When we were trying to remember all the files, Steve swore there was a “Leaving on a Jetplane”. Well, here it is. I can’t believe we both forgot about Video Killed the Radio Star, or Something There from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. But here they are now. Also forgotten was Unchained Melody and Around the World. How did I ever forget those ones? I had a copy of Heal the World, but didn’t think it was that special at first. I was wrong.

I knew about Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but I was too stupid to download it when I heard it the first time. Ok, here’s my second chance. I’m pretty sure I also listened to Oh What a Night and didn’t take it either. I’m a fool!

But even a fool knows that the fool didn’t here What a Fool believes until today. Damn that’s awesome. Also pretty sweet is Let It Be. No, Let it be-eee-eeee.

Here are two just for Ro, since I’m pretty sure she’s a big country music fan. Get a load of Texas Tornado and I’m Already There.

Here’s one to get in everyone’s head. Aww come on, it just wants to be close to you. Somebody’s a muppet fan, here’s Rainbow Connection. They’re also quite patriotic, and wish to welcome you to Munchkin land.

And that’s our batch for today. And for those late to the party, check out the rest of my digging for singing synths here, here, here, and finally, here. Enjoy.

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