An Early Merry Christmas

Last Updated on: 21st December 2015, 03:09 pm

Well, today’s the day. In a few hours I’ll be heading out for 10 days of birthday/holiday season insanity disguised as a Christmas vacation. By the way, if you need something else to read,here’s an old post I wrote about why I hate the term Christmas vacation and the troubling concept of frozen SpaghettiOs.

But back to the point, I’m gone for 10 days. I’ll have computer access where I’ll be most of the time so I’ll try to pop in and say hi when I can, but I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of posting out of me for a while. You’ll still have Carin for a few days and I know she’s got at least one special post planned so you won’t be alone, but by early next week she’s out of the loop too, even more than I’m going to be. So before I get back to cranking out holiday emails and getting myself organized I wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and say thanks for reading and commenting…or what passes for reading and commenting in some cases (first guy I’ve had to ban from the comment boards in like 5 years, I’m looking at you). I’m pretty sure I can speak for Carin when I say that we really appreciate that there are people out there who choose to read what we have to say and that some of you even enjoy it. It means a lot and we hope we can keep entertaining you for a long time to come.

I will leave you now withthis lovely Christmas song that you will surely want to share with friends and family.Again, merry Christmas and I’ll talk to you soon.

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