I Bet This Marriage Will Be Short

Last Updated on: 13th October 2019, 12:55 pm

To the bride to be of Jordan Iddings: By the sounds of what’s written here and in this more detailed account, you are so in for a life of pain, misery and worry. Way to choose a husband.

During the course of his bachelor party, this guy groped a woman, and then when she slapped him, punched her in the face. Then he cursed at other people, and when a bartender refused to serve them because they already looked wasted, they beat the hell out of him, all the while chanting that they needed to beat him unconscious. More cursing and fighting ensued, involving scaring the hell out of their limo driver. It’s bad when your own limo driver starts filming you so he can give the footage to the police. If Ryan Schnabl is his best friend, he sounds like a prize, slugging the driver and taking his camera. Then Iddings head-butted a police officer. Now Iddings has to wear a monitoring device at his wedding.

All these guys sound like complete jackasses. I can’t see what anyone would see in them.

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