It All Started With A Little Search

You never know what will start a cascade of thoughts. It can be as simple as something I saw in our tracker. Something like this:

16 Jan, Sat, 04:19:33
dog wearing gloves

Gloves? Like boots? Did they mean boots? I guess boots kind of look like mitts, mitts with soles on them.

But do they really mean gloves? Are there gloves for dogs? Like really, are there doo hickers with little things to fit each nail into? Would that work? How bloody hard would that be to put on?

Hmmm. I wonder, if you could make gloves for dogs, would they stay on better? Like, would they be less likely to slip off if each nail had its own home? And you’d definitely have to have different-sized ones for the feet with dewclaws.

Then again, would the dewclaws need to be inside the glove?

Hmmm. Is there an idea in there somewhere?

Then the normal part of me slaps me and says dogs’ nails don’t bend and flex like our fingers, so I doubt that would work at all. But what a weird thought process. If I’d had a better idea, would I be halfway to inventing something?

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