Talking Blind Man’s Blues

Last Updated on: 1st October 2014, 08:57 pm

Jen sent me something that I think needs a spot up on this old blog. I give you the Talking Blind Man’s Blues. It says it’s by Chrissie Cochrane, but I swear Chrissie a. is female and b. doesn’t sound like that. But it’s a good song and it made me chuckle.

And it also made me realize that Steve’s old Blind Canadian bit needs a spot up here. He made it for the school for the blind’s Audible Otter, which is a yearbook on tape, now on CD. I believe it was up in the 1999-2000 yearbook, and I think that was the first one that was on CD. Steve can correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a parody of the old Joe Canada Rant that was in beer commercials. So, listen to that one first. And that slamming noise in the blind Canadian thing was supposed to represent him knocking over the podium, although sadly it sounds more like a door slamming. Oh well.

I’ve wanted to put Steve’s bit up there for a while now. This morning I got an extra good reason.

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