Save A Dog, But Only IfIt Looks Perfect

Last Updated on: 13th July 2015, 07:47 pm

What in hell is wrong with people? If you’re going to a shelter to give a dog a home, should it matter what it looks like?

Because of overbreeding, a couple of female dogs had sagging nipples. People would see them and then ask to see other dogs. It took doing cosmetic surgery on the dogs’ nipples before they were taken home.

I understand people asking what was wrong with the nipples, but I would think that as soon as the shelter people explained what happened to the dogs and why it made their nipples sag, that would actually make the person want to adopt the dog more. It was abused, and now it can have a nice home.

So, if you’re a dog and want to be adopted, don’t be black, and don’t develop sagging nipples, even if the circumstances behind that are beyond your control. You’ll never be loved again if not for cosmetic surgery.

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