Happy 5000th, VC!

Well would you look at that! This post, the one you’re reading right now, is post number 5000! Yes, 5000!

I know what you’re thinking. You assholes have been around for almost 7 years with 3 of you writing and you’ve only managed to crank out 5000 posts?

And to that I say well . . . you see . . . here’s the thing . . . um . . . it’s like this . . . yeah, we’ve had our lazy spells, but for some reason people keep coming here. and to all of those people whether they like us or want to see us die in a horrible fuck fuckity fuck fuck ouchtype accident, whether they just passed through and maybe ended up in ayou are here?,whether they stuck around for a while but have since disappeared or have been around for a year or 2 now or even from the beginning, thank you. I’d say we couldn’t have done this without you, but truth be told we could have, just for less people, or at least for different ones. But we do appreciate everybody who decides, usually against their better judgment, to pay us a visit.

Thanks for all of the comments and emails, even the completely stupid ones. they’ve all added to the conversation and given us material to work with.

We’ve also gotten to know some pretty nice people through doing this, people who hopefully one day will teach us how to be nice also. I won’t bother naming anybody, you should all know who you are. Besides, the last thing I need to deal with is somebody getting all butt hurt because I didn’t mention their name.

So yeah, thanks again, and here’s hoping for another 5000.

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