I Hope We All Still Love Lectures…. Oh And Everyone Wave Good Bye To The Retard As He Passes

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:11 am

Well. We’ve had this talk before and this one will be short cuz the main violater will not longer be a problem.

People have internet names for a reason. People don’t want their identities revealed so they use their ‘net names. It takes a special kind of prick to sit around and try to reveal who someone really is.

To that end, Nick’s comments that he had posted containing real names have been deleted and Nick’s IP has been banned from the Comment Boards. He’s done this before and it’s getting old.

I’m quite aware that Nick has more than one computer and posts from more than one spot so all it will take is for him to try and post from that spot and I will be able to go in and ban that IP adress as well so you may see Nick once or twice more but it’s being phased out.

Just for Nick’s own piece of mind and anyone who saw his comments, he was way way off on his guesses to the identity of Satan.

I’d like to apologize to everyone here though for having to take a way a major source of entertainment for us all. That of course, being Nick. But he’s been warned and we can’t have people throwing out real identities. Also it had gone from humourous to annoying in my books anyway.

Nick’s comments were deleted on this topic but those who posted in response to him had their comments left up there because they are funny.

Sorry I had to post that again but with Nick gone it shouldn’t have to happen again. I’m sure we can all expect different attempts on his behalf to get back in under different names and addresses because he’s pathetic enough to think this message board is important enough to fight over but it will be delt with.

Now go read Steve’s stuff. It’s pretty good.


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