I Hate To Split Hairs, But This Ain’t A Splitter!

Last Updated on: 25th February 2024, 04:30 pm

Remember when I was ragging on HumanWare and I said I was afraid the power-splitter would arrive sans end? Well, yesterday, my fears were realized. What I got was a doo dad that would hook into the charger, leading out to three even wires. None of them had the cable connector required to connect splitter to PDA.

I’m going to open up the manual and quote the description of the splitter.

Power Splitter (used to charge the GPS receiver, External Speaker or PDA at the same time)

Well, this one sure won’t because no end will interface with the PDA! So, it’s not that I misquoted the part. If I ask for a power-splitter, that should mean all of the splitter should come.

I even asked if when using this splitter, all three parts could be charged, and he said yes! How dishonest!

For now, my old end is working, but I’m going to find a new one, and when I do, I will say where I found it so others don’t have to go through this.

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