Thanks To You, We’re One Of The Top 30 Vision Impaired Blogs On The Internet This Year!

Last Updated on: 23rd May 2013, 08:58 am

Update: Sorry if this post looks a little weird. I’ve been notified that the site that hosted the awards back in 2010 has been making a bunch of changes and the info about what we won is either disappearing or already disappeared. So that being the case, I’ve removed the links since they’re not going to be of any use to anyone anymore.

What do you know, it turns out somebody likes us!

Dear Steve,

Congratulations! Sarah here, and your blog, Vomit Comet, was determined to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance.  And so, it has received our 2010 Top 30 Vision Impaired Blogs award presented by Medical Billing and Coding!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at link removed.

Winners were chosen through a scoring system that included Internet nominations, which came from your reader base!

I assume that this would be the part of our reader base that only calls us names for fun. Thank you, reader base, for thinking that much of us. Looking at the winners list we appear to be in some pretty good company, and to be honest I’m not entirely sure how we got there. But in any case, I’m sure I can speak for Carin and even AWOL Matt when I say that we’re all flattered that there are folks out there who think enough of us to put us in such a fine group.

Thanks again to everybody who reads this stuff, and a special thanks to whoever it was who nominated us.

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