How does this happen?

Last Updated on: 8th December 2013, 01:41 pm

I need someone to tell me how it is possible to strap your baby into his/her child seat, drive off, forget to take your kid to the babysitters, go to work all day, still not remember that little Johnny is in the car, only have your memory jogged by your wife who wonders why your kid isn’t at daycare, then come outside, and find your kid dead in the car. I don’t have kids, so maybe I just don’t understand. I mustn’t, because according to this article, lots of people do it. Even when I’m running on autopilot, I don’t think I’d do that. I might get part of the way to work and then go “Oh shit!” and head back towards the babysitter’s. But I have a hard time believing, if I could drive a car, I could get out of my car, turn the lights off and all that stuff, lock it, and walk away without thinking “Gee, have I forgotten something?” Even better, I don’t think I could spend a whole day at work without realizing “holy shit the baby needs to go to daycare!”

But this happens all the time. Ug! I kno this is getting old, but I rest my case!

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