Tweeting Is Twicky!

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 05:00 pm

Earlier today, the urge struck me to tweet on our Twitter, so I did, and man that’s hard! Who knew writing something in 140 characters or less would take so much effort?

An idea struck me that I thought was short enough to be tweetable, so I started to write it down. But as soon as I started writing, I could sense that constant reminder that I only had so many characters left. Suddenly it became an art. What words could I pick that would give the same idea, but use fewer characters? Will there be enough context that people reading will get the message? I was constantly checking how many characters I had left. I think, in the end, I somehow managed a tweet that hopefully made sense.

And now that I’ve done it, I may have been bitten by the Twitter bug. I may need my own freaking Twitter.

Aaaa! I’ve given in to the dark side! No, Facebook is the dark side. Like this post says, I will never get a Facebook.

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