A Musical Question For Today

Last Updated on: 10th March 2014, 11:06 am

Just gonna throw this one out there.

Any of you have a song that you absolutely cannot stand and don’t know why? Like whenever you hear it you get upset, sad, angry, annoyed, enraged…combination of all those things and more?

Mine isKickstart My Heart by Motley Crue.

Usually when I hate a song I’ve got at least something resembling a good reason. the band used to be good but they suck now, the lyrics are retarded, there’s something really annoying about the melody, what’s wrong with that dude’s voice, it’s Nickelback…and on and on and on. But I’ve never been able to put my finger on what’s wrong with Kickstart My Heart. Thelyricsaren’t winning any writing awards that have any credibility, but that doesn’t always matter. You can listen to a mindless song without having your intelligence insulted, and sometimes mindless songs fit the mood. Musically it sounds somewhat similar to other things I like. I don’t dislike Motley Crue. I’m not a huge fan but they’ve got a song or 2 I can listen to, and the ones I don’t care for aside from this one don’t make me want to chuck things through windows from high places.

No idea why this particular tune irks me so and I’ll probably never figure it out, but at least tell me I’m not the only person this happens to and feel free to list your own.

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