Sundae Bloody Sundae

Last Updated on: 9th June 2020, 09:27 am

If you learn anything from reading this site today, perhaps it should be do not mess with Elaine Emter, or maybe how to make a proper hot fudge sundae that will meet her specifications andprevent the beast from being unleashed.

Crown prosecutor Laura Marr said Emter became disruptive at a McDonald’s drive-through March 15 and insisted there was not enough hot fudge on her sundae. However, workers would not exchange the item without a receipt.

Marr said officers arrived and questioned Emter while she was still in the parking lot and she was “in their faces” shouting.

The prosecutor said Emter tried to drive away, but was stopped and informed she was being charged with causing a disturbance. However, the woman refused to get out of her car and one of the officers had to place her in a choke hold so she could be handcuffed. Marr said Emter then bit one of the officers and they twice used a stun gun on her head to subdue her.

Emter pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance and resisting arrest and was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and 18 months of probation. the convictions will be removed from her record if she successfully does her time. NO word however on how long it will take to remove the taste of ice-cream and police officer from her mouth.

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