No mountable Boot volume: That Can’t Be Good

Well here I am writing this from my phone. Why am I doing this? Because apparently yesterday my motherboard thought it was a good day to die. Not only did it cash in its chips, but it decided to commit murder suicide, taking my hard drive down with it. It's amazing what a couple of extra volts will do to a hard drive.

I got next to no warning. The computer was acting a little weird so I rebooted it. Er. I tried to reboot it. I saw all kinds of text on the screen so I knew there was trouble.

The knfb reader was able to deliver the bad news. No mountable boot volume. Um, uh-oh.
So now my compy is in the capable hands of PC Trust. I have to pray that he can salvage my data. *slaps self for not having backups*.

So you probably won't hear from me much until I have a working computer. I'm glad I can do this whole posts by email by phone thing but it's tedious.

Aside: it's funny to watch the phone guess at words. I was writing suicide, and before I wrote the final e, it suggested quiche. Now I know how the phone feels about quiche.

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