More Reasons The Trixter Is A Genius

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 11:19 am

A couple of days ago, I had something happen that just had to go into the Trixie brag files. On Thursday, Huppy’s mom and I decided we’d go get the landlady some chocolates since she was leaving and would no longer be our landlady. But it was coldcoldcold out there, and there was no way I thought Huppy should be out in that level of cold. So I said I’d go get them. So off Trixie and I went.

She was a perfect pooch in the mall, angling toward stores I used to go to, which was perfect because that’s where I had to go.

Then, on the way home, that’s where the real bragging starts. We got off the bus, and crossed the street over to our corner, and Trixie walked for a couple of feet, and then made a big right turn. I was confused, but she didn’t seem to be heading for a snow bank, so I just held on. I held on and held on…and suddenly, we were making a giant arc around the building. I held on…and plop, we landed in her relieving area. Because it was so bloody cold, she took part of the shortcut path that we only use in the summer, but she must have figured out it was navigable this winter, which it was, and she decided to take it because she wanted to get home faster! Go dog!

The funniest part about this whole story was she must have known I was confused, so she led me over to a familiar spot, showed it to me, then walked into the relieving spot. Dog, you’re a freaking genius.

I’ve also noticed that she has picked up on yet another pattern that I don’t even think about. If I walk over to the shoe area and put on my boots or my shoes, she dances beside me as if to say “harness me up, harness me up!” But if I put my slippers on, she stands beside me, but her position is more tentative. She has figured out that when I put my slippers on, I don’t always take her. Sometimes I’m doing the laundry, so I don’t take her. Sometimes, I’m just running down to give something to, or get something from, the Huppy clan. But sometimes I am going down there for a while, so will take her. But I noticed she figured out she doesn’t always go when I put the slippers on. Boodog, you’re too damn smart.

And today, I think Trix was conspiring with someone to teach me a lesson. I was just zipping down to Huppy’s house to get someone to read a number off a card, so I said, na, I’ve seen what the lay of the land looks like on their floor, I’ll just zoom down. So I left Trix here, and zipped down in the elevator. I came out of the elevator, and wammed full speed into a shopping cart! Ow ow ow ow ow! Ok ok ok, I should have brought Trixie!

And that’s about it for the Trixie thoughts. But I just had to write down that brag, because it was so freakin cool!

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