Twitter Could Make Qwitter Quit

A couple of days ago, something started flying around Twitter about Twitter changing permission levels with regards to DM’s. Here’s an article on exactly how much that will suck. Long story short, if the good people who make Qwitter don’t change some things, us qwitter folk won’t be able to read or write direct messages after June 14.

This whole thing has made the head developer of Qwitter debate whether he wants to continue developing it. It looks like a whole pile of yeesh in terms of people not knowing why the hell browser windows keep popping open asking for permission, especially if you have multiple accounts.

I love Qwitter. There are lots of us who love Qwitter. Let’s show Q how much Qwitter means to us. And by that, I do not mean bombard him with begging whining tweets crying for him to keep Qwitter alive. That, without any concrete help, will have the exact opposite effect. It’s kind of like saying you’ll pray for someone whose house has burned down and they’re on the street when all they need are some blankets, some food and maybe a place to sleep. Prayer is a nice gesture, but what they need is stuff.

If you’re like me and don’t have a flaming clue how to program anything, huck him some cash. There’s a nice happy big donate button on the Qwitter website. Slam it, type some stuff in there, hit the pay button. It’s a beautiful thing. He has developed Qwitter for free. If it looks like a giant pain in the hoop that’s not worth his time to continue developing it, he won’t. Let’s make it look like something worth it that people care about. And let’s keep it up.

Or, if you have a far bigger brain than I do, and you know how to code and want to keep Qwitter alive, help him out. I’m sure anything’s possible with lots of smart people working on it.

It makes me sad that Qwitter might get kicked in the crotch by Twitter after all. I just got into Twitter for the most part due to Qwitter. I know tweets and mentions will still work, but I do get a lot of direct messages. Plus, how long until the Twitter developers deliver another kick in the crotch that makes it next to impossible to use clients like it?

Let’s hope June 14 doesn’t signify the end of Qwitter. There are a ton of us using Qwitter. If we all coughed up some cash and those of us who know their way around programming helped out, imagine how helpful that could be.

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