Wonder How Many People Will Get Harfed On From Above

Last Updated on: 11th August 2019, 10:05 am

As soon as I saw the story about the CN Tower’s new feature, the EdgeWalk, I thought of Matt’s post about the CN Tower. Matt, would this be more exciting?

So what’s with this whole EdgeWalk thing? Now, for an extra 175 bucks, you can be strapped into a safety harness and walk around a 1.5-metre wide ring around the CN Tower. Guides even encourage you to lean over and do other freaky things.

It also made me think of all those glass floor jumpers Matt was talking about. I wonder how many EdgeWalkers will try to stretch their harnesses to the limits just to see what’ll happen.

$175 just to get scared shitless. Hmmm. Na. Call me a chicken, but I’ll pass.

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