Long Weekend Audio: She Likes It!

Last Updated on: 21st April 2022, 01:03 pm

A while back, I bid on an item In an auction L_Squared was running to try and raise money to sponsor a puppy. After looking through the cool items, I settled on something called a “Snuggle Juggle” toy by Nylabone. It was a stuffed toy with a squeaker designed to be durable! Aa, this I gotta see!

Well, it arrived in the mail, and I went to get it yesterday. Today, we opened the box and introduced Trixie to the toy. Judging from the resulting audio, Trixie was very impressed with my choice.

And even after she put it through that, all it is is a little slimy! Cool!

I think this toy will be appreciated for a while.

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